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What you do discloses what you think. We are wisest when we keep a good eye to history and learn from their mistakes.
About Stanley Pembroke:

Racked up and now retired field archaeologist, historian, lecturer, author.  Veteran, USN 1963-1969.

Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D., Mesoamerican and Middle-Eastern Archaeology, 1976.  Dissertation: "Why I hate grave robbers."

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Answered: Who did Hitler plan to kill after the Jews??

Alas, Hitler made an unsavory bargain with radical Islam. the Hundzars would help Hitler murder off Jews and Christians only as long as Islam controlled every thought available to atheists as Hitler ...

Answered: Where can i see a pic of the french ststue of ...

Martin, the 1:8 scale model of the Statue of Liberty is on an artificial island in the River Seine. France thinks that much of America. After all, we fought TWO world wars for them and saved them in ...

Commented: About MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC's answer

No one can ignore the hared that is Islam. There is nothing in this cult other than hatred. That doesn't mean that Islam can be respected. Niot by any means. Islam is only to be ...

Answered: World War 2

Hitler made a nasty bargain with radical Islam, since the Nazis and Muslims agreed about murdering Jews. Only, Muslims are neither well disciplined nor well motivated. Their infamous 13th Panzer ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Tadpole, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that leftists don't matter.

Answered: The missing link has been found! Atheism now has ...

Our resident leftist must have grown truly desperate. Of course, criminals become desperate as they feel the law approaching.

Commented: About Sterling Wyeth's answer

I remember a few atheists -- if only to point out how ridiculous they are.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

My, how typical of discriminatory leftist liberal Democrat cross burners. Of course, who could expect anything else?

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Tadpole, are you still up, sixteen hours every day, copy-pasting stupidity in the name of the paranoid left?

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Tadpole, you are the only one guilty of that vice.


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Elden Junior says:
"Allow me to thank you, Dr. Pembroke, for your wise counsel here. "
Trampo says:
"Yo, it looks like you put Indiana Jones out of a job! I gotta say you talk sense though. Talking sense makes the real difference. "
Morgan says:
"Stanley Pembroke your insight into the peoples' of our Nation is admirable and I would surely back more of it be told and the truth be known. You are indeed a welcome voice on Yedda. Lady darko"
Morgan says:
"Thank you for your compliment may I say the field you have thrived in is something I only dreamed of and started studying since I was 10. Unfortunate for me my College degrees where always measured out by my needs at those times in my life. Now I have the pleasure of living in and around the most historical sites in America and even though my studies were in Ancient history and religions on the side I never delt into Americas' history. Now I do and I am appalled at what I find the truth to be about Grant and the Calvary and our Indian Wars. Let me just say my heros are George Washington and Sitting Bull along with Crazy Horse. Suppose it will take this long before we know the truth about this weasel Obama. By the way Sir they are returning the bison to their Native Lands and people and you know what that means. The Ghost Dance I hope will be next. Lady Darko"