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Answered: What's numbers is fat

Anonymous Answer: How did you ascertain he was looking for BMI from that non sensical question? I was wondering that myself Chad Hatten crime

Answered: Transunion.c How do I put an alert for a possible ...

Contactthem, state you have had Identity Theft Issues, and ask to put an alert on your account. Chad Hatten Crime

Answered: Identity theft protection

The lifelock guy actually became a victim of identity theft, after posting his social securty number , and claiming lifelock was unbeatable. It's ripoff, Identity theft protection is to expensive ...

Answered: Are the identity theft protection programs ...

The standard identity theft protection is enough Chad Hatten Crime

Answered: What is considered as identity theft? Would ...

This would be a case of Identity Theft, and could be prosecuted Chad Hatten crime

Answered: Why and by what legal law does Equifax require a ...

Thereis no such requirement, they will do the alter if you contact them and state you've had Identity Theft issues Chad Hatten Crime

Answered: Identity theft

It is a crime, identity theft, even to impersonate someone, so you can contact law enforcement. Chad Hatten crime

Answered: Where is my medications ?, Daniel

strange "question" even for this place Chad Hatten crime

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