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I am jack I was born approximately 24 years ago.
I work in a MNC for my livelihood and totally regret it there's nothing good about it except the pay check which is really enough for me.On my other side I really enjoy doing adventurous stuffs like cliff diving, go cart racing and really anything that pumps high adrenaline through the veins if you have something interest I am always looking for suggestions so provide those
I love to eat and cook food you will soon come to know that once I place my photograph.
When ever I don't have something to do(which happens seldom) I love to write and read new things about lets say
Cars ,bikes,Technology and many more
so any potential read is welcome you can put it in a msg and send it.

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Answered: Who is your favorite artist?

Jason Mraz is my favorite artist.

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What is the Ex-Showroom price is Ford Figo?

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While writing a program sometimes you forget some really important things about the functions like you forget to write a ; after some line in c language or forget to close } the open writing place ...


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