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Answered: Please do NOT read POSTs Signed by anyone name ...

Haveto agree with mark Chad Hatten USA

Answered: Which candidate famously said at a ...

reagan v. mondale 1984 debate chad hatten usa

Answered: What is the Primary Difference Between Barack ...

Not much, both are non christian, both are liberal. Chad Hatten USA

Asked: By Chad Hatten USA, Mormons evil?

By Chad Hatten USA: Mormons vile, and should be denied white house?

Answered: Do Righties Seem a Little Edgy Tonight?

Romney is dead in the water, so who cares Chad Hatten USA

Answered: 72 Million Americans Would be Uninsured Under ...

Obama will win, Romney is toast Chad Hatten USA

Answered: Pain behind and above left eye when moving head

chad hatten usa need to go to the ER, could be serious health issue chad hatten usa

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