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I will always say whats on my mind.... I never sugar coat anything. But I am very, very, VERY sensitive. And I know a true friend compared to a snake... In one one sentence. I'm a good judge in character....And I'm an old a young body. 

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Answered: How do i know if i'm a selfish person?

Well are you always talking about yourself...thinking about youself....What you need for yourself....always talk over people about yourself?...then YES, your selfish!

Answered: Just For Fun! What's Your Pet Peeve? (Vent Here)

Okay i know I Talk loud enouph so its not like he dosn't hear...Its because he's just not listening...My pet peve is I hate repeating myself!! After the second time ..I won't do it....Hey, he probley ...

Answered: Please someone help...say something to make it all ...

Tippy, your right on the money! You are so right...This is what I needed...striaght out. Thank-you have me crying...dame it!!!! thank-you tippy

Answered: Please someone help...say something to make it all ...

Thanks Fancy I'm just not happy anymore! Its like he's brianwashing me or something....He is sooooo mean!!! He'll come home in a shitty mood and only smile until he has me crying...its bad. I'm ...

Answered: My husband doesn't know what it means to support ...

Sorry i didn't see you two were already in counciling..... Good luck to you.

Answered: My husband doesn't know what it means to support ...

Your lucky you have a man that dosn't cheat and helps around the house....BUT emotional support is just as needed in a relationship as sex is, or not cheating, or helpping around the house. If your ...

Answered: I want revenge on my brother. How do I force him ...

When he spits in your hand put him on his back with your knees holding his arms down...then take his hand a smoother it on his face.

Answered: Madonna bans calls to Jesus?

I love madonnas music but her in a relationship has got to suck!!!!

Answered: My screen went sideways

Put your computer screen on its side.....That'll

Answered: Will the Brangelina saga ever end?

No we're not ...but people should..GET OVER IT!


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