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I will always say whats on my mind.... I never sugar coat anything. But I am very, very, VERY sensitive. And I know a true friend compared to a snake... In one one sentence. I'm a good judge in character....And I'm an old a young body. 

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Answered: Oh boyy.

Morgan, Try having a few more dates with him to be sure..Before you dump him.... He sounds like a really good guy and women always make the mistake of going after something bad...(The bad boy). Kiss ...

Answered: Night-terrors. Has this ever happend to you...?

Oh sweetie, don't get me started! I will tell you something personal soon....I'm just tired right now ....but one thing I can tell you is this (and i will comment on it more, later.) If the devil ...

Answered: Pregnancy problems

Its a nerve...siatic nerve????...I don't know how it is spelled....but lay down on a big pillow with your butt in the air..(that will help) ....also have your man rub your ass and the lower back area ...

Answered: How long until cut salami goes bad at room temp

3 days or in the refrigerater will last for 1 month

Answered: Is glasses in?

I don't think its a matter if glasses are in or not...its if you look good in glasses........when i wear my hair up and have my glassas on I have gotten quit a few times I look like a sexy libriarian ...

Answered: Saddest.

Friends may get into it like sisters every once in awhile...but they don't always fight..... It depends on the she putting you down all the time.... i mean, whats going on? If your ...

Answered: Can a person hear you talking too them in the last ...

My grandfather died of old age...hospice was there and they say the last thing to go is your hearing. We were talking to him and tears rolled down his eyes..and about 45 minutes later he passed away.

Answered: Child Custody

Hell yes it is.... Poor baby! You need to do whatever it takes to protect that little boy of yours! He is going threw sooooo much obviusly. Whatever it takes. You tell the judge everything....Go to ...

Answered: What is a mofo?

Mofo is motherfu*!er.

Answered: Looking for cemetery products

Go to walmart for wrealth holders or vases pot holders....They have it all...look in the craft department and where the area they sell light bulbs and hooks.


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