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Answered: Can I help my son come to terms with the new baby?

Your son is frightened more than angry and has seen that you stopped loving his father and wonders when you will stop loving him. I think your son may feel that once you and your new husband are a ...

Commented: About RoseBush's answer

I went through the entire gamut of Massage, Biofeedback, Trigger Point Injections, Nerve Blocks, Group Therapy, Relaxation Groups PLUS FIVE (5) spine surgeries including two fusions. NOTHING WORKED ...

Answered: Should I tell the husband of the woman my husband ...

Absolutely! Who knows who else she's screwing? AIDS kills everyone!

Answered: Right Age for First Credit Card

18 is the youngest acceptable age anyone can have a credit card legally in their own name. If they are under 18 they have to use an additional card on the parent's account.

Answered: Should Vick get another chance at playing?

No! He was a piece of shit BEFORE the gambling and dogfights--if he were white he'd be banned for life like Pete Rose. Racism is alive in the NFL!

Answered: My husband is a 50 year old male with hip and ...

I'm an RN/Nurse Practitioner and this problem is definitely from a nerve being pinched and the trampoline impact definitely caused/exacerbated it. He needs to see a real doctor instead of a ...

Answered: Chronic Pain

I have been in pain for over a decade. I manage it with Duragesic patches and I am the patient that no one wants. No surgeon will touch my spine after a botched fusion as I am a med-mal suit waiting ...

Answered: Left Over Ham bones

Slice all the ham off the bone and put it in the freezer until you can face it again. Put aside 3 cups of the ham for the soup. Boil the ham bone in chicken stock until the bone falls apart. Pick all ...

Answered: What does that green sticker say on the back of ...

It's only on the QB and it means there's a radio receiver in the helmet so that the coach can communicate with him.

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