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Answered: How long do one joint stay in your body?

It would depend on your Body Mass Index. 30 days would be a safe bet.

Answered: Patricia Brooks

You'll need Adobe reader to Open those files. here is the download link....

Answered: Can't restore my pc

Restart pc. As it restart, Repeatedly press F8. At the prompt screen choose safe mode. login as admin. Then restore. Almost always you need administrative permission to restore.

Answered: Baby wipes

(snickering) You'll find they don't like anything. just keep offering it to her. And it will all be over in 18yrs or so.;)

Answered: Baby wipes

They are non-toxic. She's teething. The teething rings that you freeze are the best, they also numb the gums.

Answered: How can I transfer/upload several email ...

Find the file where you store your pix. Right click. left click on send to. left click desktop. this will send a short cut for the file to your desktop.

Answered: How can A guy make himself cum without anyone ...

Yeah! it's called masturbation. But I think you want to know if you can orgasm just by thinking about it. Yes;with focus it can be done.

Answered: Electricial question

It really means he wants to charge you for something you don't need.

Answered: How can I transfer/upload several email ...

Right click on your desktop. Left click new, zipped folder, Name it. add the pix you would like to send to the zipped folder. Go to your favorite E-Mail service (Yahoo.G-Mail.....etc.) compose new E ...

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