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"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"
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An average woman with an average job and an average life who could not face life without Jesus in my life.

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Answered: for aswsome t-shirt design

There are different companies that make the kind of tshirts you are looking for . Why not type in search designer Tee Shirts? Go only to sites you trust, as there are many imitations also.

Answered: What is your opinion ! Journey to the bible ...

Bring it on. Only please, don't make each journey two pages long.

Answered: Dental insurance

I have found that dental is more expensive then medical. (Just my opinion). I have also found that these dental insurance plans have very high deductibles. And they pay only a percentage of dental ...

Answered: Where should I do internship?

I would think that would depend on what you are studying. The school staff should be able to help you with that question.

Answered: Church and Church Family Help

You said you have been an elder for 83 terms and stewardship for over 40 years in the Calvin Presbyterian Church. That's a very long time. Why don't you approach the elders or pastors of the ...

Answered: Are the home security devices really as secure as ...

Just my point of view: for every new home security device, there is a criminal who will know how to over ride it. Nothing is secure in our world.

Answered: What does it Mean Special Prayer??

Usually, pastors use the term "Special Prayer" for a person who is suffering from sickness, depression or a really bad situation. That prayer is focused on only that person with everyone else also ...

Answered: What do you think about blueberries? Are they ...

I personally do not like pecans, but today cooking chefs seem to be cooking everything with anything and coming up with great tasting foods, treats and deserts. So if you want to combine pecans and ...

Answered: Who are the richest celebrities in Hollywood?

I really don't care who the richest celebrity is. Come to think of it, I don't really care about celebrities.

Answered: What do you think about Brazil's loss against ...

I can't understand why people cry, get angry, feel proud over a game. That's all it is, a game! Little boys in big bodies playing games! I would never pay the price of those tickets to go see some ...


Mike Weaver says:
"Poetry I put in all my works...these are the rational folks perks...leftists reason? They cannot. . . A false bill of goods is all they bought."
Anne Southern says:
"A mind is a fire to be lighted, not a vessel to be filled, said Plutarch. Thank you for providing that needed spark."
David Palmer Jr. says:
"Wisdom has a place that is far higher than we award it. I am glad that there are some of us who recognize its value. That is most reassuring!"
Harry says:
"The truth spoken gently makes friends. I am very glad to see that you have shown faith and wisdom on these pages. "
Mike Weaver says:
"Peace in kindness surely live .... In the hearts of those who give .... Of themselves it matters most .... For them, we all raise a toast."
The Unknown Philosopher says:
"Faith brings the best qualities in a person together, making a synergy where the whole person is greater than the sum of the parts. Faith makes it possible to continue where there seems to be no way to go that last little bit to ultimate success."
Brian says:
"Once again I find myself with warm encoragement to stay the course, and with a number of great ideas how to do so! Your words are truly inspiring and much to be recommended. Blessed be!"
Brian says:
"One cannot but be encouraged, awakened, and enlivened by faith. You have shown us that faith is real, and more to be sought after than gold or jewels. "
Bob Suffolk says:
"We find a certain humility in God's presence, and we then feel an imperative urging to share the good news He always brings. What a pity that miserly individuals always reject all good news when it might mean the liberation of their hopeless captives! "
Tweekey says:
"your words are still lovely witty and wise i adore your point of view"
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"Good information and wise living make anyone a person to admire. The more of your words I read, the better I am assured that there are still some people in America worth fighting for."
Bill Compton says:
"Thank you for always telling the truth, as discomforting as the truth may be for some of us. We will face the truth eventually. It is best to be ready for it."
Tweekey says:
"your words are still lovely to see there is kindness and fire in what you say it is the clean fire that warms but does not burn us "
Bill Compton says:
"It is true that we have much to do Lady E. With a team of leaders, there is no task beyond us. That is why we must all vote Republican, to assure that we get leades instead of manipulative deadbeats like Obama."
Bob Suffolk says:
"Tastefully rendered common decency and common sense will always be your ticket to greatness. It is very good to see your wisdom on these boards. We could all profit greatly by heeding what you have written."
Melvin Whitcombe says:
"There is a great mystery to the human mind. We understand it best by working creatively and diligently. I am glad that you have done so, and have shared your discoveries. Peace be!"
Bill Compton says:
"It is good to see that there are wise persons still among us. We have much to do and less time to do it, but do not underestimate the progress to date. I see good things ahead."
Bill Compton says:
"It is good to see that there are still positive, caring, and upbeat people still on the planet. Continue the good work!"
Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"There is gentleness and grace in you. These old fashioned qualities once made the world great, and we can restore that greatness if we invest a reasonable effort. The hysaterial we face now in our politics will soon be over, and grudges will chill the nation, but there will be those who will work to restore the good feeling that we lost starting in 2008. We can restore the civility in America once we remove its present bitterness and hysteria."
Melissa T. says:
"Thank u for the nice compliment LadyE u are very kind nice and loving like a mother would love her baby!"
Melissa T. says:
"Thank you LadyE for all your kindness amd loving for answering questions as quickly as possible! Thanks again for giving advise that is excellent and good and helps people more alot in there questions! :))) Melissa E."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"It is always good to see the wisdom of decent people. I have always admired your sentiments. Maybe if we all work together, we can straighten out the wretched mess Obama created."
Morgan says:
"Lady E. you are lovely. I am getting militant now, I have had enough. I am not going to be nice anymore, why should I, if those Jews who armed themselves would have been nice none would have lived to fight. I am locked and loaded, I wish only I had your kindness and grace. I do not. I am in their face now. Lady Darko"
Humble says:
"Lady E, a happy blend of commonsense and common decency makes you one of the nicest people on AOL Answers. Reading what you wrote is always encouraging. When I read your stuff I cannot help but come away with a smile."
Morgan says:
"Lady E. thank you for the compliment you are filled with alot of love and appears it is appreciated like the song says "what the world needs now is love". Thank you for reminding us. Lady Darko"
Morgan says:
"Your questions are interesting to say the most and show a mind that is without limits in its' ability to question and explore. Enjoy you much. Lady Darko"
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"LadyE, as long as there are people brave enough to stand up to the totalitarian mess that our government has become of late, there is hope for everyone. America is a team, leftists will not learn teamwork, and it is our privilege to show them how to do as we all should."
Tweekey says:
"your words are always lovely to see lady e there is love in you nothing can shade love it glows brightly in words paintings and sculpture all of art is love and passion all of love and passion is art in a high form"
Yechielshlipshon says:
"LadyE; Wow! Common sense! Thank you."
Tweekey says:
"lady e you show me what kindness and love really are i see nothing higher in ther human spirit besides art you are a dear and i love to see your words"
Tweekey says:
"your words are absolutely lovely i see you do not waste them you say it all and make it count we need more people like you who have nothing to hide "
n says:
"LadyE, it is so gracious of you to send me such a lovely compliment. Thanks so much!"
n says:
"LadyE, your answers are so good and always presented with kindness. I don't know why I haven't thanked you before now."
Dennis Newman says:
"Sane people have the right to post here. I am glad to see that you are sane and sociable. Maybe if we get the word out that it is okay to be sane and sociable again we can get rid of the antisocial grumblers."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"It is rare to see a combination of wisdom and wit, kindness and concern, in a world gone cynical. Allow this gray stone face to say that your well chosen words are always very encouraging. "
funguy says:
"Elsa you are on the right track. You will not go wrong trusting in Jesus. He will be your strength and faithful guide. funguy"