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Answered: Hi Allanita, My name is Sylvia Johnson in my ...

Hi Sylvia. I think it's best to contact writers directly to ask them. Good luck!

Answered: Working with paul

Sorry, I have no idea who this Paul person is. If you are having doubts, it's probably not legitimate.

Answered: I want lovely dress for my prom

Check out www.boscovs.com. They have great dresses for reasonable prices. Have fun!

Answered: Where to shop for festival clothes?

Try www.boscovs.com. Enjoy!

Answered: Cullen Boys

I'm going to have to say Emmett.

Answered: Polishing nails

I don't personally find it attractive but I'm guessing there are some girls who would find this nice.

Answered: Council Tax

I actually have no idea what my taxes pay. I'd be interested in finding out though.

Answered: How do i look at past aim archives? i need to ...

I think they are saved in a folder in your AIM program folder.


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