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Married, mother, resident of both East/West coasts.  Interested in family, children's rights & welfare, children's charities, friends, animal rescue, animal charities,politics,entertainment industry (work), physical fitness,dance, and helping my kids become the best people they can be.

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Commented: About Physicalist's answer

Oh, cripes! Another RocMike alias, Dr. Kelly. He recycles that same b.s. over and over and over again. Get a job, Mike. Stay off the internet - I'm tired of my taxes going to support you and ...

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I know Patriot is the Judge. Why does she delete stuff?

Answered: Gay marriage will be legal in NY. Your reaction?

No one has the right to dictate who another ADULT chooses to love. It is proven by science that gay people have not CHOSEN to be attracted to the same sex, it is the way nature created them. If you ...

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They really creep me out, B. They don't deal in reality or fact and how do you work with people that off?

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Have you ever noticed the multitude of times Fox has been absolutely WRONG and they never correct themselves, never reverse their statement, never apologize. No one else is as ill informed or as ...

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You're right. Look at the Middle East. These people always think their way is the only way and they want to destroy people who have a different point of view. Very undemocratic.

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Hey, Richard, did you see the skit on Jon Stewart about Rick Perry? (You watch the show every night, right?) It was based on Perry's stump speech, "I'm in love with America!" Oh, it was so, so ...

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The greatest threat to America is religious fanatics. That's a universally known fact.

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Snopes is regarded as a very reliable, unbiased source by 99.9% of the population. Hello, minority!

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The problem is that the employers continue to hire illegal aliens so they can pay them absolute peanuts. Why is it that the workers are punished while the employers (especially argri) are allowed to ...


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"Keep up the good work"
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"thank you for the kind comments"
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"patty p, come back i miss reading you comments."
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"Pattyp you are very sweet and caring! For that I have to say thanks and take care I wish you well :)"
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"Merry christmas to you and your family and a prosperous new year"
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"You have shown in several of your posts that you don't forget that the posters here are people with personalities. We need more of that, in addition to your honesty and wisdom on the issues."
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"Good posts Patty, the bruce"
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"Pattyp: I can't think of too much to say because I haven't been following any of your posts. I do recall one very kind post to me after my very low key response to your friend, IamQueenBee, concerning Nanadee. Since that time, I have been praying for you everyday by (user) name. I can't think of a higher compliment than that, except GBY. ~ MW"
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"Hi PattyP, I haven't left. Just got tied up for a brief moment. LOL. The Obama haters' mindsets are becoming more and more dangerous. Anyway, keep up the good work. LOL"
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"patty p, keep up the good fight. we need more people like you. the insanity of these people would be funny if it wasnt so dangerous. "