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5' 6"  180lbs less hair then when I was 20,inquisitive,shy,try to be happy and look at the glass as half full,play flute,little guitar and a little piano

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Commented: About Ian's answer

the people that helped seemed to do a good job for the most part, however I do think that numbers two and three where probably written down incorrectly t multiplied by t = t squared and maybe I don't ...

Answered: I m running a workshop of screwdriver ...

If I understand your question. Take a long peace of insulated wire and wrap it around and around the screwdriver (the metel part), have both ends of the wire striped about 1/4 to 1/2 inch then touch ...

Answered: What is a scientific principle?

Hi, I'm not sure that I understand your question, however if you look on wikipedia and call up " scintific law" that may answer your question unless you were asking about axioms which is another ...

Answered: How much is .04 % my pension has been cut ...

if i understand what your asking, you should multiply your income by .04 then take your answer and subtract it from your income the end result is your adjusted income.

Asked: Settlements

who was it back in the 30's that said "we need breathing room: ?

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