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Answered: Water in ua

Absolutely yes!

Answered: People skills why do we need them

twocold4u, You have got to be kidding. Why would you ask such a stupid question like this. Even my 5 year old would know the answer to this. Get a life and get some help as soon as possible your ...

Answered: We have a proposal to create a Center for our ...

I think so. What you are doing is admirable and noble. We can't possibly return the great debt of gratitude we owe our Vets. Best of luck, and God's speed! George~

Answered: I sold a house 2 years ago would I be considered a ...

Not that I am aware of. If your first home purchase is on your credit you can't be a first time buyer again. George~

Answered: New Corrugated Metal

Keep it wet for a while, that will cause it to oxidize faster.

Answered: Travel Chech this out for answers. George~

Answered: What is the website address to find out about ... Try this. George~

Answered: How about grilling salmon? Any particular ...

Try Chef Paul Prudhomme's "Magic Salmon Seasoning" It is great! George~

Answered: What would you recommend for the floor of my ...

Tile it with 18x18 marble tiles. Costly but lasts a long time, is durable and good looking. George~

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