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Answered: Ham Radio Antennas

Denise, Ham radio anrennas very greatlt in both size and height. That is because of the great spectrum of frequency bands available based on the type of ham license used. The general rule of ...

Answered: Best day for a new car to be built

OLDDAD id correct. Also....old rumors have it that if you get a car built on a Friday it could be a lemon because people want to go home for the weekend and aren't paying attention. Then having a car ...

Answered: H O W...C A N....I....B E....S__U__R__E....T O ...

You need to increase the length of the antenna. Most small portable radios have small short internal antennas that for AM are wound around an iron core or stick up a foot or so. That allows you to ...

Asked: Full house serge protector

How do I install a full house serge protector?

Answered: Where is Ron Dobson?

Ask him yourself. Here is his web site address. Use the link on the site to email him:

Answered: Where can I purchase a Dearborn ham

Answered: Tundra

TUNDRA: Go to the following web sites for great info...... Best wishes.......

Answered: How do you reduce the salt in a ham

Toupie Ham can be boiled for 1 hour add some pepper corn to the water ,this will expel some salt ,but keep in mind that processed meat is what it is so if you are watching your salt intake I would ...

Asked: Great Northern Private Railroad Cars.

Private railroad cars of the Great Northern. Am trying to locate a list, if available, of private railroad cars used by the officers of the Great Northern Railroad. Would also accept a list of Great ...


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