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"I don't believe in a government that protects us from ourselves." --- Ronald Regan
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The only friend of all humanity, without the need to live with prejudice, violence or the political ability to self-destruct, is the dog and even he/she can be subject to senseless waste in hatred, of mankind.


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Answered: What is a layette?

It's a set of baby clothes (ie - wardrobe)

Answered: Which race do you think poverty affects the ...

Old question but, for those who might be interested in discussing the topic.... There is more than one type of poverty - there's financial poverty and spiritual poverty - (violence, stereotyping-type ...

Answered: How do you go about adopting a baby from haiti?

Last I heard, the gov't is freezing adoptions to allow the people of Haiti to search for surviving parents and to make sure none of the children who can be adopted have fallen through the cracks ...

Answered: Whose child fell out of an window?

It's a tragic accident that happens to many children, many who survive the fall. If you mean celebrity - it was Eric Clapton's son, who did not make it, which inspired the song, "Tears from ...

Answered: Why Sponsor Show Dogs

Individuals don't sponsor show dogs. Sometimes it's a corporate sponsor, for advertising during the show that has a large audience, sometimes it's a breed kennel, for revenue to support the breed's ...

Answered: What are the parts of the human eyeball ?

Answered: How to pitch correct vocals?

Practise. Do scales in 3rds, 5ths and 8ths from c to c within your vocal range over and over and over. ba-ba-ba-be-be-be-bo-bo-bo, ca-ca-ca-ce-ce-ce-co-co-co, da-da-da-de-de-de-do-do-do, etc ...


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