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One can search every facet of the Universe, but unless one carries that which one is searching for with them, they find it not.
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My personal experience started with the reading of the Old Testaments. The first observable fact that I received from this reading was the feeling that I was receiving something, although not clear what, I truly felt my first conscious uplifting; after all I believed it to be connected to holiness, and it must have been God that I was looking for. This conscious uplifting was encouraging and soothing, the building of moral fiber that defiantly caused an inspirational character change. I still didn’t believe in a supernatural being, at least not wholeheartedly, but I did like the mood, and I learned the Ten Commandments. The plot thickens, I started actuating my mind with the New Testament and I met Jesus and He gave me a lot of great tips on how to conduct my life. I was a better person but still didn’t believe in God. The search goes on and I started reading the New Testament again, this time it was different, this time I met Christ and my personal relationship with our Heavenly Father had begun. The first reading I understood with a literal mind that was connected to the world. This time the light was on; I understood with spiritual vision and was introduced to God. Thank You Lord! My search for God was over, I had found the Christ. From that moment on I have been actuating my individual portion of mind. Actuating of the mind does not have to come from any one Bible or even from a book. Look for His Holiness everywhere for He is everywhere.

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Making a vow to God is a very serious and personal matter. It is between you and God and not with anyone else. Who on this planet can give you absolute sound advice? As for myself I can only pretend ...

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The God that you know, what does He tell you to do? DOGSILLA

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The tree of Life and the tree of Knowledge of good and bad. God had created man with total freedom to choose and to experience the consequences of his so called opposition to the will of God. The ...

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Sounds like you have a very nice print and at very least is worth more then a thousand words.

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Your question implies that your belief as is will never allow you to speak to them. “A lost loved one“; a loved one is never lost. As for being dead, this to is also lacking, the living soul cannot ...

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There is but one Mind, the Universal Mind. The Mind of which we have our existence‘s, our being. We are immersed in a Universal Intelligences. With that being said, allow me to point out that the ...

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As long as the government owns a part of the private sector, and “We the People” allow it, then “We the People” are socialists. “We the People”, who do not want to be socialists must rise up and ...

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Omama is a salesman whose mentality has really not extended to the conditions and situations that are happening in the world. Alienating our allies and embracing or compromising our enemies. He has ...

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All the polls are lies, can’t trust any of them. The media is bias and their polls are designed to impart what they want others to believe. Everyone knows, whether they are willing to admit it or not ...



n says:
"Jameslee, you continue to post elegant words, sincerely felt, and I, for one, deeply appreciate your presence here on Yedda. Thanks so much."
Rocmike3 says:
"James, your insight serves you well indeed! You do not need my degree to know the way God deals and where He may be found! He is as close as our thoughts. And He is every bit as real."
pilgrimwb says:
"I like the way you think, and the way you phrase yourself. I fear a lot of the "standardized" expressions of biblical Christianity have had their edges dulled by overuse and by mis-use. But you have a way of describing the "Old, Old Story" with fresh eyes. Thank you for being a part of this forum."