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I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.
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Answered: Does your colon System need Cleansing?

No, thanks. I have a woman, who comes in twice a week and takes care of all of the cleaning.

Answered: I heard that Mark Zuckerberg makes $15 billion ...

That figure is preposterous, so you can settle down... nobody makes $15 Billion a day. Lots of people make insane salaries, like athletes who pull down more in one hour of play than most of us earn ...

Answered: To many repeats

Don't know who you're talking to, Edeet, but the answer is...because it's cheaper to repeat the same shows over and over. Some channels, like Current, only have about 10 shows a week, and they fill ...

Answered: Business Liscense for builing a swimming pool in ...

Certainly not. If this person is taking on a job, it is his responsibility to obtain his own licenses. Of course, part of the cost of hiring him may be used for expenses, but not the entire ...

Answered: If you call a woman a muff (french) what does it ...

It doesn't mean anything in French. In English, however, it's slang for vagina.

Answered: What sides go w/ baked ham?

Hot buttered rolls or biscuits with honey are a nice addition. I, also, like deviled eggs.

Answered: How much taxes on 82,000.00 dollars

That depends on where you live and what additional income you may have. Expect at least $20,500 in Federal tax.

Answered: Explain how wftv action 9 complaints works and how ...

Try calling them at (407) 425-HELP. I'm sure they'll be able to explain the process to you.

Answered: Why has barack hussein obama not been charged ...

For the same reason that Reagan wasn't tried for Treason (Iran/Contra), and Clinton wasn't tried for Perjury, and Truman wasn't tried for Election Tampering. Every politician has skeletons in their ...

Answered: There are good-looking shoes

The old-fashioned approach is the best way to find a pair.


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