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Answered: Logo history

The AFCS is a humanatarian organization with strong pacifist roots, coming from it's Quaker foundation. It was created when the U.S. entered World War One, and fought for the rights of conscientious ...

Answered: How can I improve my credit score after ...

The bankruptcy will stay on the report for about 10 years. Any debts that were forgiven or settled with be there for about 8 years. In the meantime, you should slowly attempt to rebuild your credit ...

Answered: What is the reason for celebrating the Memorial ...

It was, originally, "Decoration Day" and was created as a nationwide version of Southern tradition in decorating the graves of Civil War soldiers, traditionally in May. In 1968, the government ...

Answered: What does mini tac win he mohe hi eh na ja te wo ...

In English, it's gibberish. It may mean something to an Aleutian or a Polynesian, but I doubt it.

Answered: Help me rate this site and if their free doctor's ...

My experience? Most websites that proclaim "free" either aren't, or are basically futile wastes of time.

Answered: What was nicknamed 'the highway to India'

The Suez Canal, which allows sea-going vessels to travel from Europe to Asia without having to navigate around Africa.

Answered: A coworker has a part time job. Today he ...

No reliable company is going to short people's paychecks, and many rogue employers do it because they know that the legal process is too involved and expensive for their workers to pursue. I suggest ...

Answered: Can pea nuts be grown in hydroponics

Absolutely, but you need a deep tub to prevent molding.

Answered: Doctor refuses to treat patient with medicine ...

That's the Doctor's right. If he doesn't feel the medication is effective or appropriate, he has a right to refuse to prescribe it. And the patient has a right to find another doctor.


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