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I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.
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Answered: My socks are too tight around the lower calf. How ...

It would be easier and cheaper to just buy some larger socks.

Answered: How can i keep others from seeing i'm signed on to ...

On the sign-on screen, there is a line that says "Make me invisible at sign-on". Check the box next to it.

Answered: Where in nashville tn can i buy parrot food in ...

Have you looked at Petsmart on Thompson Lane? They carry some products, like Kaytee Exact, in bags up to 20 lbs.

Answered: How do you feel when you know that this is right ...

I've always found that, when my soul speaks to me, it's a gentle and quiet voice that answers in a soothing way. When something comes to me like a thunderbolt, it's often my emotions trying to sway ...

Answered: Why is the inside of my toilet tank green

It could be the mineral content of your water. Since the water tend to sit in the tank for long periods, a mineral like copper could turn the tank green. Or, it could be mold. Try adding a little ...

Answered: What is your take on Gender Selection like the ...

It has no place in an advanced civilization. Every child should be a blessing, and will benefit or detract from society, according to his/her upbringing, without regard to his/her genitalia.

Answered: I really want to know the answer to a certain ...

Keep wasting your time trying to find answers to nonsenical questions, and you'll end up as a Congressional Investigator.

Answered: How old do you have to be to work as many hours as ...

The earnings reductions end once you reach full retirement age, which is determined by the year of your birth. (somewhere between 65-67) Everything you need to know about Social Security is ...

Answered: What does hate and be hated mean? I saw someone ...

Today, if you question or disagree with anyone's behavior or lifestyle, you are labeled a "hater". It doesn't matter how rational or reasonable you are, you are still a "hater". And, because you are ...


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