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Answered: What is navy award BS

Probably Bronze Star, for meritorious service and acts of heroism. It is the 9th highest decoration awarded in the military.

Answered: Addiction

It's a bunch of hooey, created by people who don't want to assume responsibility for their own weaknesses and those who make a living off of "treating" them.

Answered: Did anyone hear the commercial on WCBS FM radio ...

Better get used to it. Commercials, like all other broadcast media, are getting cruder and more tasteless all the time. Everything is being targeted at the "Gen Xers", a generation known for not ...

Answered: Why all the mattress sales on Memorial Day?

As PGroot said, almost every holiday is declared a reason to shop. There may be a little rhyme to their reason, though. Memorial Day falls near the end of Spring, a time when people traditionally do ...

Answered: On the first page of questions alone there were ...

I'm not sure. Usually when a question is a set-up for spam, there is a "convenient" link supplied. That's how their travel agencies seem to do it. Evidently, there are, also, no doctors who treat ...

Answered: Overnight RV parking at Walmarts

There is a growing list of Walmarts that DO NOT allow overnight parking. They should have signs stating the policy in the parking lot, but it's best to check with store management before doing so ...

Answered: How much paint to cover 740 square feet

It can depend on a lot of things, like the surface you are painting and how you intend to apply it. Rule of thumb: a minimum of 2 gallons, although I would go with 3, just to be sure.

Answered: If you cross the picket line can the union vote ...

When we went on strike in 1995, one guy decided to work as a scab. When the strike was over, his union membership was revoked and he didn't work there anymore.

Answered: What does 50K regular Maintenance on 2007 Subaru ...

I assume you're talking about the standard model, not the turbo. Subaru does not call for maintenence at 50K. However, at 52,500, it calls for: Oil change, including new drain gasket. Check & top ...

Answered: What does boca raton mean ?

Literally, it means "Mouth of the mouse". It was nautical jargon for an craggy inlet, that would gnaw at a ship's hull as a gigantic mouse might. The actual Boca Raton was located in Bisqayne Bay ...


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