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I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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Answered: When I worked at McDonald's, I almost took a ...

You would have grossed out anybody who saw you. Plus, a Health Inspector probably would have shut the store down until disinfecting procedures were performed to his/her satisfaction.

Answered: How can I help with a relationship

You cannot buy your way into someone's heart. If she doesn't feel the way about him that he feels towards her, there is no point in him giving her cash and gifts. He needs to find something that she ...

Answered: Facebook online International lottery

Of course not. International Lotteries are basically illegal and even if they weren't, no legitimate lottery is going to notify you by email.

Answered: So last year I was a freak for working out. I ...

You need to decide to get strong & healthy and stop trying to look like a Hollywood glamour boy.

Answered: Is Channel No. 5 make from the sweat of testicles ...

Chanel #5 used, at one time, a glandular substance extracted from the Civet. It was not sweat, but actually more like musk. A synthetic version is now used. It's was not unusual for gross substances ...

Answered: Does anyone remember the lyrics to an old song ...

Oh, playmate, come out and play with me and bring your dollies three, and climb up my apple tree. Shout down my rain barrel. Slide down my cellar door. And we'll be jolly friends, forever more more ...

Answered: Do planets sparkle and how fast does the earth ...

The "twinkling" effect that we see with stars is caused by waves in our planet's atmosphere. The other planets we can see normally do not twinkle, because their light is closer and not as likely to ...

Answered: Cleaning

You can find flat screen cleaning kits lots of places now. Radio Shack, Office Supply Stores, I'm sure even Walmart would have some with their electronics supplies.

Answered: Why benefiber is out of stock

Shortages of Benefiber should be short-lived. Novartis, the company that produces it, had a massive recall of several products (Excedrin, Gas X, ect.) because of packaging problems. While Benefiber ...

Answered: I think I love my brother incestuously- how do I ...

Like most teenagers, you don't really understand the difference between love & lust. Because of the changes your body is going through, sometimes your libido and curiosity can send your mind in odd ...


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