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I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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Answered: Man who don't have any things going for ...

Tell him, with no room for doubt, that you are not interested and he needs to go away. Don't change your mind, no matter how much he begs. If he continues to show up, uninvited, call the police and ...

Answered: What did toilets look like in 1981?

They were made of wood and you had a hand pump that made them flush. Around 1983, we upgraded to a kerosene-powered commode.

Answered: WHatis the competence to see the reasons behind ...

Don't really understand the question, but the first thing you must accept is that "most evil people do not see themselves as evil". They simply have a poor sense of right & wrong, and they usually ...

Answered: Ufo spoting in arkansas

The Men In Black are on their way to visit you.

Answered: What is the first lenguage of the world?

There has long been debate when humans developed language more sophisticated than primal grunts, so the first language probably was formulated somewhere between 150,000 and 2.5 million years ago and ...

Answered: Testicle swelling/cigarette smoking

If smoking is making your testicles swell, you are very talented but you are doing it wrong.

Answered: Well, just what is a cripe?

No, Yedder, that's a crepe. Cripe is a pseudo-cussword, from the days when people would say darn and heck instead of damn and hell.

Answered: How do I book a flight easily?

Have no idea who your email was supposed to be going to, but AOL does not book flights.

Answered: Order of Sale

If the divorce granted you partial ownership in the house, and you want your share in cash, the court can order him to pay it to you. He will either have to sell the house or get a mortgage that will ...

Answered: We have Christian, we have Muslim, we have ...

Because there are so many kinds of 'Tards in the people who blurt out their personal opinion, without regard for who they may offend and hurt.


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