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Answered: Are home prices in the next one or two years going ...

As the economy goes, so go home prices. The "experts" have done a dismal job of predicting what the economy is going to do, so I doubt if there is anyone who can dependably answer your question.

Answered: What size is a 20 in a womens dress is it large or ...

It depends where it comes from. At Roaman's (a company that specializes in Plus Size clothing for women) it might pass as a Large. At most clothiers, it would be an XL. And in some designer lines ...

Answered: Equity line of credit

Probably. Any debts incurred by a deceased person are usually passed on to whomever inherits their estate. If there is not cash to resolve those debts, the creditor has a right to have any property ...

Answered: Hello there my fiance's elder brother is ...

Much is still not known about Schizophrenia, but it is believed that it may be, at least partially, a genetic condition. This does not guarantee that your fiancee will suffer from it, but it is a ...

Answered: Vehicle sitting still car hits truck in rear at ...

Impossible to estimate severity of injuries, solely by speed of vehicle. I knew a man who permanantly disabled his back by stooping to catch a ball.

Answered: Who copied: Flavia Single-Cup Coffee Brewers ...

Flavia had brewing systems on the market in the 1980s. Keurig didn't release theirs until the late 1990s.

Answered: What store sells tellipepper pepper

I assume you mean "Tellicherry" pepper. This is regular black pepper, that is left on the vine a little longer than standard, which supposedly gives it a more refined flavor. Probably any ...

Answered: Lung Oysters?

A big gob of phlegm that someone coughs up.

Answered: Famewhore

Someone like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardasian, who have never really accomplished anything of significance, but find ways to keep their names on the public's lips.


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