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Answered: What is the default PIN for sony ericsson W200i

Hello For any sony ericsson phones like sony ericsson w580i or like w200i or w910i, that is default PIN 0000. means 4 times 0.

Answered: Where can I find a network offering SMS-only SIM ...

Hello For getting sim only cards from network use online dealing from websites like

Answered: Can i make a duplicate copy of same number

Hello this is very diffcult to make duplicate sim and with same mobile number. other wise use sim free mobiles for callng to your relatives.

Answered: How do i programe sim card to multiple providers ...

Hello make sim for multiple there is required to have advance technology with advance machine to implement them. other wise sim free phones are best rather than, sim to multiple person.

Answered: How can i change my bsnl connection authorization

Hello For changing your BSNl you need to raise request to BSNL office. and after it they would tell you.

Answered: I bought a 2 GB MicroSD for Sony ericsson W580i ...

Hello is this memory card is supported by your mobile sony ericsson w580i . if not then try to take out from mobile and agian try to connect with that mobile. still not working then try to get ...

Answered: Is there anyway to get music from my computer ...

Hello There are two ways from which you can download our music to your mobile phones sony ericsson w580i . these can be done via bluetooth or USB support. both can send music to your mobile phone

Answered: Can I send a picture to a cell phone for free over ...

Hello you may send your pic from cell phone like lg viewty , nokia n95 8gb, moto razr v8 or else. but you would be charged by network provider for accessing website from your mobile.

Answered: Lg viewty security

Hello in LG Viewty there is no special security. that has same security algo like other.

Answered: What is the best application on Iphone?

Hello for apple iphone or some other equivalant nokia phones like nokia n95 8GB there are lots of applecation. but this depend which type of application you want to use means for video, audio or ...

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