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Asked: Can I get a parking pass to an away game?

Can I get a parking pass to an away game?

Answered: Error box -- "cannot find macromedia flash"

Hello Phyl, I'm not sure whether the screen-saver has anything to do with it (unless it's an online screensaver), anyway, try browsing to and download the flash player again. Reinstall ...

Answered: Canon Power Shot G2 digital camera

Yes sure, you can get it from here , it's linked with canon usa official's webpage.

Answered: -

Yes, sure. You should connect the HDMI output on the DVD player to your new LCD screen.

Answered: We just bought a JVC Everio digital camcorder.How ...

Hey guys, Basically, all you have to do is connect the camcorder to your PC with a USB cable. Here's some wiring diagrams for different setups.

Answered: Gamestops pro system selector

Such adapters do exist. but maybe a bit more expensive and harder to get. Basically, what you're looking for is called RCA to coaxial adapter or Scart to coaxial adapter. Radio shack or other audio ...

Answered: Gamestops pro system selector

What type of connection does your TV set have?. Describe some more about the problem so I'll be able to help you out. I know the System Selector Pro has about 7-8 inputs and outputs so mostly likely ...

Answered: How do you install an LCD TV to a desktop that ...

Do you know which graphic card is installed on your machine (exact model)?

Answered: Hooking up Dell PC to Samsung TV?

So you should get yourself an adapter like the one in the second link. Before you do buy one. Question the salesman a little bit, just to make sure it will work properly.

Answered: Hooking up Dell PC to Samsung TV?

Hello, Rich, Can you explain why do you need this connection for? Basically, you need an adapter. If you want to capture screen shots an SVCD to USB adapter like this one will do fine. If you want ...


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