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Answered: I went to the dentist cause I have a bridge and ...

If you can get inplants get them. Don't get bridges. The dentist just have you coming back to bill your insurance company more at your expense trust me he pulled to many teeth of mine just to make me ...

Answered: Leaking kitchen sink, 2 separate faucets for hot ...

first identify where water is coming from you may need a rubber seal. turn water off from under sink after you find source of leak then unscrew handle that says hot or cold. BUT check water before you ...

Answered: Textured ceilings

A Sears electric sprayer is best. But you can also roll on the paint with a long nap roller

Answered: Im thinking of painting bedroom chocolate ...what ...

What really looks cool is, cream colors, biege, light blues are fine. Good luck.

Answered: Can vinyl venition blinds be painted ? If so what ...

Yes they can be painted. Check with home improvement store lowes, home depot, they can help you. or go online and type in surf bar ... vinyl paint where to buy?

Asked: How to reverse image to pint on t-shirt transfer

how do I mirror image for printing on t- shirt I have to reverse image in word to print on transfer

Asked: Where can i buy the boston comic newspaper

where can i buy the boston comic newspaper

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