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I have a passion for fitness.  I have personaly lost about 50lbs and now want to help others with their fitness goals!

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Answered: Eating Directly After a Workout - Good or Bad?

Yes you should eat right after your workout. Your body needs the fuel to repair your muscles!

Answered: How can I lose my gut?

Only 2 days left! But you can still get on Santa's fitness list....IT'S FREE! No kidding over 250 of the worlds leading fitness professionals are sharing their best fitness tips & tricks to get rid ...

Answered: What are the most popular weight loss diets ...

South Beach, Dr. Phil, BFL, BFFM I use a combo of them all. Contact me at Carmel~ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Answered: What is home made remedy for curing thyroid ...

I have read that organic virgin coconut oil may help with thyroid function. But do get it tested at a drs. office. It is easy fast and inexpensive.

Answered: What is the best exercise for burning fat?

Intervals and resistance training

Answered: When you loose weight what is the first area to ...

Everyone is different. It does seem though your "trouble spots" will tone up last. But the good news is they do! Keep at it and you will see your waist shrink. What have you been doing to achieve ...

Answered: Losing weight

shop around the outside isles at the grocery store. minus the bakery..hehee. Look for foods that are in there most natural state (foods that have not been processed to death). When you look at the ...

Answered: Does a popcorn diet really work?

The only way to truely lose weight and get sexy is to do it the right way with a variety of healthy foods and great workouts. Dont waste your time on fad diets and quick fixes, most of the time it ...

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