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Answered: Find a doctor that understands Tramadol ...

If you explain the situation to your primary care physician they tend to understand and can prescribe a medication to help with withdrawals.

Answered: What is the black stripe on reverse side of my SC ...

These magnetic stripes are used to identify the driver when ran through the computer system. They can tell if your license is suspended, outstanding tickets, etc.

Answered: How to get a costco giftcard without being a ...

Get someone who is a member to purchase the card for you.

Asked: Body art

For those who view the tattoo shows which do you prefer Ink Master or Best Ink?

Answered: Physician "courtesy order"

Yes they can and often do make and give courtesy prescriptions based on another doctors approval.

Answered: Does cipro come in a white to off white capsule ...

Pill imprint MYLAN 4250 has been identified as Doxepin.

Commented: About jimmebrinsley's answer

Thanks but this does not answer my question in the least.

Asked: Finances

When supplying a new employer with direct deposit information and you want money deposited to two separate accounts do u send two separate forms?

Answered: Can medicine be stored in a SAFE

Absolutely,especially if the bottle states keep cool and away from light.



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