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Im pretty passionate about politics rightly so (its my major). Im a laid-back all american girl.

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Answered: More Lies and Smoke and Mirrors Politics From ...

Hopefully the people "blinded" by his celebrity status will find some common sense from somewhere inside them and realize what he really is doing up there in Washington. I definately agree with you.

Answered: Farewell Prayer

I agree 100%, though I have to say I am not surprised it took place.

Answered: Obama's White House Thinks Britain is No Different ...

I strongly agree with you as well. It comes down to common sense and basic respect which Obama and the rest of his administration greatly lacks. His priorities are extremely misplaced. When you hold a ...

Answered: Stand Up

I think we are going to have some serious issues in the future, however, I wouldn't go so far to say a civil war will occur. Obama is mostly radical on all of the issues and if he can find a way ...

Answered: When will the economy rebound?

In addition to the fear the government is currently enstilling in the american people coupled with the likely failure of the stimulus package we will most likely be in a recession well in to, at least ...

Answered: Terror Suspects

Obama has this rediculous notion that these terrorists will cooperate with us, and that we're being too "mean" to them. They hate Americans, so any person whom believes that they can "reason" with ...

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