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What we can imagine, we will eventually do.
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Answered: Does Obama Deserve a Second Term?

Considering the way Obama delivers public addresses, and his consistent appalling public image, is it any wonder that our opponents consider Obama weak, indecisive, and cowardly? This is supposed to ...

Asked: Did Obama's supporters think it through?

It is one thing to speak extemporaneously, and need to take a moment to consider a logical reply. It is another to back a gibbering moron who only embarrasses himself at the podium -- time and again ...

Answered: Is the Cold War Coming Back?

It is madness for Russia to presume that they can take on the sole remaining superpower. Now that we have 3/4 of their obsolete nukes in our custody, they are down on nukes to the point that their ...

Commented: About Morgan's answer

I still have scant use for "political correctness." Let a person earn his living by doing what he does best, not because he fits a race quota or immigration from a belligerent power. I will ...

Commented: About Jim the atheist's answer

Jim-Physicalist, all I can say is, "Yawn." That is how boring your terrified little cult really is, and that is why you get far less respect than Rodney Dangerfield. After reading your ...

Commented: About Morgan's answer

It may well be the ideal time to cut our losses, as the furure looks quite depressing if we must endure threats of another term of our incompetent and bitter president. I can think of no one who will ...

Commented: About Aw's answer

Atheists have always persecuted Christians and Jews. Were you aware that Salmon Rushdie, apostate former Jew turned Satanist, and then atheist, posted atheist propaganda in Jerusalem denouncing ...

Answered: Should we let atheists end Christmas?

Atheists have always been utterly disagreeable. No one tolerates their games, double standards, or deception. Atheists are the reason hell exists, because atheists are so disagreeable that there is ...

Answered: Why my son plays with girls and not boys?

Depending on the boy's age, he may just be a normal red-blooded American he-man.

Answered: Why my son plays with girls and not boys?

Depending on the boy's age, he may just be a normal red-blooded American he-man.



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Morgan says:
"Reginald thank you for your kindness to me I find you interesting and right on. It is going to be interesting the next few years in this country but if birds of a feather flock together like us we can tell Obama and his crew to get the flock out of WH and off the Hill. Lady Darko"