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What we can imagine, we will eventually do.
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Commented: About Lordoftheringsfanatic's answer

When you sell the copyright to a book, the publisher owns in-perpetuity and may reprint at will. There are a few things a publisher may NOT do: revise the text without your permission, edit, or ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Dennis, realize that there is one truly obnoxious crank who prowls AOL Answers sixteen hours every day, spewing racist hate, atheism, bitterness, or anything else that is leftist. There is no game ...

Commented: About J H's answer

Pax, realize that the whole human race are sinners. If we deny our sin, then we deny justice also.

Commented: About Morgan's answer

I still have scant use for "political correctness." Let a person earn his living by doing what he does best, not because he fits a race quota or immigration from a belligerent power. I will ...

Commented: About Jim the atheist's answer

Jim-Physicalist, all I can say is, "Yawn." That is how boring your terrified little cult really is, and that is why you get far less respect than Rodney Dangerfield. After reading your ...

Commented: About Morgan's answer

It may well be the ideal time to cut our losses, as the furure looks quite depressing if we must endure threats of another term of our incompetent and bitter president. I can think of no one who will ...

Commented: About Aw's answer

Atheists have always persecuted Christians and Jews. Were you aware that Salmon Rushdie, apostate former Jew turned Satanist, and then atheist, posted atheist propaganda in Jerusalem denouncing ...

Commented: About n's answer

I will say that atheism has a long history of twisting in the wind, like a tin sign dangling from one chain and about to fly off the pole. The only thing that keeps atheism in the business of ...

Commented: About Morgan's answer

I will gladly donate my services to a detention center large enough to contain every terrorist cell member in America and make sure that the word gets out that anyone who thinks about joining will get ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Somehow, Russia seems to be a little like Pee Wee Herman in the boxing ring Vs. Leon Spinks. We might bend Russia over our knee and give them a good paddling then send them to bed without supper ...



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Morgan says:
"Reginald thank you for your kindness to me I find you interesting and right on. It is going to be interesting the next few years in this country but if birds of a feather flock together like us we can tell Obama and his crew to get the flock out of WH and off the Hill. Lady Darko"