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Asked: What am i supposed to do\???

i dont wanna like him but i still do! what am i gonna do!!?!??

Answered: Does he luv me?

aww.. good for you! hope that happens to me too.. and i also think he likes you! ;)

Asked: Grr.. i dont know what to do..

well i have two bestfriends.. and its both guys.. the first guy said that he likes me.. so he asked me if we can go to the movies.. and i said yes.. then the other guy asked me to the movies as well ...

Answered: Wut if a guy asked u out?

tell him that you are just gonna think about it.. and if you want to know if you and him are ment to be.. try to go out with him.. but dont be so obvious that you like him.. ;)

Asked: What will i do?

well.. i have a crush on my guyfriend.. and he told me he also has a crush on me.. but then i heard that my guyfriend told my other friend "i love you" i felt so heartbroken but he doesnt know that i ...

Asked: What do you think love is all about?

what do you think love is all about?

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