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Answered: Promoting your small home business online

I agree with all said above, it's better to have your own website. Setting a website is not so complicated as many think it is. You can even start with creating a blog hosted on free blog hosting ...

Answered: Work at Home Business on Computer

Besides good at typing, are you also good at writing? If so, you can make nice income writing articles and selling them on the internet. There are many websites willing to buy your articles.

Answered: What should basically be mentioned in a cover ...

That's a wonderful format, Ziv. Don't forget to include a 'call to action' in your cover letter. I mean something like this: Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Answered: Being an online service provider

If you were willing to do odd jobs, you could always find jobs on the net. Some people need you to 'like' their pages on Facebook, the others need you to follow their updates on Twitter, still the ...

Answered: If you want to quit your job and start a home ...

Why would you want to quit your job and start a home based business if you didn't know what kind of business to start? It's better to stick with your current job and start work at home to make extra ...

Answered: Would a dad consider working from home?

I think there is nothing wrong with a dad working at home. Many people have been making a living working online jobs or running online business, from home of course.

Answered: Balancing Work And Family Life?

I agree with Constancy about time management being a crucial factor. So, I suggest you set your own schedule and stick to it. It means you don't work less or more hours than you have planned to.

Answered: It seems that work-at-home jobs such as ...

There are some websites you can submit your articles to and get paid for the approved articles. Try Associated Content, Text Broker, Demand Studios and Constant Content.

Answered: Writing articles and reviews is one of the ...

KJ that doesn't sound good. I used to write reviews for Review Stream, got some of them published and got paid for that. I have never reached the minimum payout (which is around $50) though.

Answered: Advice about working at home?

Working at home is so real and so hard as working in office. It can even be harder because you have set your own schedule and deal with many distractions you wouldn't find when you work in office.

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