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Answered: What's your favorite Sidney Lumet movie?

It's a great loss to the movie industry. Sidney Lumet is one of my favorite directors (besides Oliver Stone, Barry Levinson, Martin Scorsese and Robert Zemeckis). As for his movies, I love Serpico ...

Answered: Which summer movies would you see?

I am looking forward to watching Harry Potter also. I know it's not so great as the previous Harry Potter movies, but it's still worth to watch. X-men First Class sounds like an interesting movie.

Answered: Is it mental, gender or a sex problem

Yeah, seeing a therapist is the way to go. Some men occasionally do that for fun, which is fine. The problem begins when it becomes a regular habit.

Answered: How to say no?

I agree, you (and everyone else) have the right to say no. There is nothing wrong with not doing what you don't want to do. And I think you have given the right answer by saying that you are at ...

Answered: Relationship advice

He stopped talking to you for no reason, so why did you apologize? There is nothing wrong with talking to him to know what is happening, but don't apologize if you don't think you have made a ...

Answered: Registering a domain name?

Yes, in most cases, I think registering a new domain name is cheaper than buying an existing domain name. An existing domain name usually costs at least the same as its annual registration fee.

Answered: What's going on with this boy!

Well, I think you both are too young for a serious relationship....ops! I agree with JKGrandma about not seeming so eager. Let him come after you instead of you coming after him.

Answered: What is your favorite Morgan Freeman film?

Morgan Freeman is a great actor. I believe I have watched most of the movies he plays in, and my favorites are Driving Miss Daisy and Kiss The Girls.

Answered: Wordpress to run a website on?

I have a website running on Wordpress. Yes Wordpress is a blog software but it has great features and functionality that make it more than enough to develop and manage a website on.

Answered: It seems that online forums have been ...

I think having some core members who regularly post in your forum will help much. A busy forum will usually attract more participants than a forum which lacks members and posts.

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