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Answered: Writing articles and reviews is one of the ...

KJ that doesn't sound good. I used to write reviews for Review Stream, got some of them published and got paid for that. I have never reached the minimum payout (which is around $50) though.

Answered: Advice about working at home?

Working at home is so real and so hard as working in office. It can even be harder because you have set your own schedule and deal with many distractions you wouldn't find when you work in office.

Answered: Payment for Online Jobs

There is no way to make sure that your clients would pay you for the job you have done for them. That's why it is more advisable to work for reputable companies than to work for individual clients.

Answered: There are so many data entry job advertisements ...

I agree that most of them are just scams. Though, I think you are still able to find legitimate data entry jobs on reputable freelance websites like Elance.

Answered: Networking sites?

I have an account on Facebook and it seems that it's the only social networking site I will use regularly. I have heard of LinkedIn and PeopleString (which pays you for using the website), but I have ...

Answered: Do you have to have a web site to promote yourself ...

I think you can submit any (legal) webpage to Digg, so you don't have to create a website for that. You can make a blog or a page on any social networking site and submit it to Digg.

Answered: How can I Promote my web directories?

You can promote the directories on webmaster forums. Invite the forum members (who mostly are webmasters or bloggers) to submit their websites/blogs to your directories. Are those free directories by ...

Answered: How to get a webmaster to delete harmful info ...

You are not looking for a webmaster. You are looking for a hacker, and I believe it's illegal. I think you can contact the webmaster/admin of this website to report the issue.

Answered: How do you find a webmaster to make a website ...

There are many places where you can find a webmaster to hire. You can start with freelance websites like Elance, oDesk, and Freelancer, just to name a few.

Answered: Could it be??????

I believe that it's what is called deja vu, and it has happened to me a few times. I have also dreamed of being in a place I had never been there before, but I felt like I was familiar to the place.

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