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Answered: Facebook vs. Google+: Whose side are you on?

Facebook is still the most popular and widely used networking site today. I am not sure about Google+. Google has Orkut and Google Buzz but they don't really impress me.

Answered: Cant figure out why shes mad

Let her alone for awhile. If you couldn't talk to her to figure what has made her mad out, just accept it that you are guilty, and apologize for whatever it is.

Answered: Do you think she hates me?

Not sure if she hates you or not, but I think she is angry with you. Can't you remember anything you said or did that probably made her upset? Anyway, I agree with the others to let her alone, at ...

Answered: What's Your Secret to a Happy Relationship?

I vote for love and understanding. With love and understanding, it seems that you can deal with any problem in your relationship more easily. At least that's what happens to me.

Answered: Is there ever a timethat god instructs us not tp ...

I always believe that the only thing worth to pray for is love, and it's love to God. Asking for anything else is a bit of waste of time. God knows what you and everyone else need, there is no point ...

Answered: (4) Question: Who Was Near Jesus To See ...

That's an interesting question. It also reminds me of other events where Jesus was alone and praying to his Father. Of course it's easy to say that it's The Holy Spirit who have inspired the author ...

Asked: Hiring a pros to customize your Wordpress blog?

Wordpress is a great blog software which has a lot of features and functionality and is user friendly. It is also easy to customize, so do you think it is worth it to hire a professional web designer ...

Asked: Is it still complicated to manage a Joomla ...

It has been quite awhile since I moved my Joomla website to Wordpress. Is Joomla still so complicated as it used to be? It's a wonderful CMS but sometimes managing the Joomla website gave me so much ...

Asked: Managing an online store?

I imagine it would be a bit complicated to manage an online store. Do you have any experience with this kind of business? How do you handle the shipping and delivery arrangements?

Asked: Hoarding?

Do you have a problem throwing stuff you don't use anymore? It is one of my toughest problem to solve. Is it what is called the hoarding problem?

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