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Answered: Were do I buy

saw that show with it also and was intruiged. it's basically carbonated fruit. unfortunately there is no "store locator" on their website, so you'll just have to wing it. on the show, they did say ...

Answered: How to grow pomergranates

Pick a planting area that's in full sun. The pomegranate plant can grow in most types of soil, as long as it has good drainage. The amount of space you need depends on whether you plan to grow the ...

Answered: Lemons and limes

Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) Originates from tropical Southeast Asia, where it can still be found wild. Cultivars have been developed based on sweetness (usually sour), size, shape (round or oblong) and ...

Answered: How dose quicklime get it's name?

Quicklime (Calcium Oxide) is an efficient scavenger of moisture in its dehydrated state. A material that is mostly calcium oxide (CaO) in natural association with a lesser amount of magnesium oxide ...

Answered: How do i get a license or permit to breed cats?

As far as you are doing it for yourself at home, its not a problem but if it is for commercial purpose you will need one.

Answered: Puppy ultrasound?

It depends on service to dervice, definitely not cheap. The cheapest I have heard is from my friend, who got it done for $80.

Answered: Infact does it really happen? if so, how? why?

What really happens, can you be more specific?

Answered: Fine haired dog

Cutting hair is not advised, even if you want it dont do it yourself.

Answered: Anemia in dogs

Spendy yes in one aspect, but if you love your dog you dont have any choice, the best you can do is consult a different vet and compare what they have to say about it.


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