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Answered: Is there any Free online soccer Management games ...

Yahoo online games . you can play any kind of game without downloading it .

Answered: What is the difference betwwn Traditional Media ...

Internet is independent of human beings and you can do and access without attended by anybody . Traditional media is some one will channel your programs for you .

Answered: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black friday is better day to shop online than cyber monday . you get lot of more options in it .

Answered: Large sms

Send it through internet connection in the mobile . than through your email id you can send as long sms message as you want .

Answered: What is the perfect clutch for any and every ...

A dressy clutch is not a bad idea as well since most formal events are filled with . Before ready-to-wear, every woman was measured and fitted into a perfect outfit that came with a clutch and shoes ...

Answered: Shopping

Adidas blue challenge this is the best among all varities .

Answered: What does

In the northern Golan, near the Jordan River, there is an attractive nature park of which ancient Tel Dan is the literal highpoint. This fertile station on the ancient caravan route from Egypt to ...

Answered: Racism

Racism at work may take various forms, including physical violence, bullying, name-calling and more subtle discrimination like not promoting someone simply because of their race. It may be an ...

Answered: Make my picture print on my created business card

1. Select the “Format” option from the menu bar of your Word document. 2. Then, go to the “Background” option and from the list, select “Fill Effects” 3. Go to the “Picture” tab and click the ...

Answered: Intelligence

Intelligence (abbreviated int. or intel.) is not information, but the product of evaluated information, valued for its currency and relevance rather than its detail or accuracy —in contrast with "data ...


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