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Asked: Can we do any better?

Do you think global warming has become irreversible?

Asked: Week 2 Dancing with the Stars

How did Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas do in week 2 of Dancing with the Stars? Who got kicked off the show?

Asked: Shawn Johnson on Dancing with the Stars

Has Dancing with the Stars started? How is Shawn Johnson doing?

Asked: The future of Northern Ireland...

One decade after the Good Friday Accord, do you think that peace in Northern Ireland remains fragile?

Asked: How far would you go to save your company?

Would you forgo a bonus to save your company? What about to keep your co-workers from being laid off?

Asked: How can we prevent fires in California?

100 houses have burned in the Santa Barbara, CA area. What can be done to prevent these fires from happening? Are people just not being careful, or this is a completely natural problem?

Asked: Will Obama Capture Bin Laden?

President Elect Obama wants to search more seriously for Osama Bin Laden. Do you think that this extra attention will make a difference? Do you think that in his term as president, Bin Laden will be ...

Asked: Which candidate is best for teachers and ...

Which presidenial candidate wants to pay teachers more money and improve the quality of education in America?


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