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Answered: May I know whether PonyPhoto fit for Android ...

I am sorry to tell you that PonyPhoto is only fit for Windows phone.

Answered: Photo editor

I think the first one indulge in the beauty, beautification and flash map function, while the other is focused on editing pictures, such as puzzles, picture frames, make pictures into gif format .

Answered: What can i eat to replace the proteins in ...

Eggs, milk, spinach, soybean, quinoa, meat, fish, whole grains, rice, beans, legumes, corn, oats, peas and peanut butter are good sources of high protein foods.

Answered: Does green tea have caffeine?

Green tea contains slightly less caffeine than oxidized tea, but much less than coffee. People sensitive to caffeine and drinking green tea as an alternative should be aware that green tea still ...

Answered: Would you please recommend a photo tool which I ...

I am not sure you use phone or PC, if you use phone, I think pony photo may meet your needs, there are frames in various styles. Like simple frames, glaring frames, and color frames.

Answered: Is there any gif.Makers for windows phone?

Which operating system are you using in your mobile phone, I am using an Windows Phone and deeply recommend a photo editor called "Pony Photo",and I didn't find any other app that could do this at ...

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