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Retired from Medical field/published author/research Alternatives for better health..check out latest book..also available @ Barnes and Noble ,Amazon and "WEEDS" is a metaphor I use when I write.. to describe survivors in the garden of life....
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Retired from the Medical field, researching Natural Alternatives for better health. Writing articles/publishing books..I use the metaphor " WEEDS" as  survivors of life ... I laugh at life..and it's "QUIRKS"...

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Asked: Why wouldn't you try??????

Why when someone says " wow you look terrific, what are you doing?" and you tell them it is because of a supplement you are taking...Why do they not want to get on board ? or at least try it? why so ...

Answered: How much prune juice to have a bowel movement?

Usually an 8 oz glass will suffice..however..eating 4-6 every morning daily at breakfast will take care of the situation, reducing chances of constipation in the future.

Answered: My baby has vary bad cradle cap. I am using an ...

first off the condition is called "crusta lacteal" build up of skin oils, not all babies get usually disappears after 6 months...olive oil slightly warmed, cover with a cap for about 30 minutes ...

Answered: How Do You Keep te Pet's Food Fresh?

Used to have 2 Great Danes..kept the food same as my horses..plastic bag in a ( new)covered garbage smell..don't leave their food out if they don't finish..put in zip lock baggies and ...

Answered: Cleaning A Room

Want to make cleaning fun? get naked and wear an apron..seriously though you can puton your gavorite music and dance you way to cleaning..always dust first ( top to bottom) then vacuum floors and ...

Answered: Can

Yes you can, no you can't..can I ? can you? can we? can can (a dance in France) tin can, full can empty can, soup can, coffee can..can you research for more can ?

Answered: Why do women treat each other so poorly?

Jealousy, intimidation,trust, competition...yeah I know we're supposed to be sisters..have you seen some sisters ? It's a love/hate relationship..and until women start pulling together, we will always ...

Answered: Will Kim Kardashian Make a Good Mom?

Yeah right..not to worry though she will hire a Nanny..just like she has live in help to clean..can you picture Kim standing over a toilet and scrubbing ? I didn't think so..why envy her child, it ...

Answered: Guina pig lost in my home

Have you tried contacting "critter control" they have cages to catch small yourself some frustration...

Answered: Where did casey anthony go to?

She's hiding out somewhere in Central Florida..perhaps at one of the Attorneys home. She has no job though, and did admit to a few alcholic where does she get her she getting ...


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