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Retired from Medical field/published author/research Alternatives for better health..check out latest book..also available @ Barnes and Noble ,Amazon and "WEEDS" is a metaphor I use when I write.. to describe survivors in the garden of life....
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Retired from the Medical field, researching Natural Alternatives for better health. Writing articles/publishing books..I use the metaphor " WEEDS" as  survivors of life ... I laugh at life..and it's "QUIRKS"...

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Answered: What are your honest thoughts about an online ...

The Art of conversation " face to face" is dying.. with ALL the technology around us, chats, texting, cell phones, offering clothes/food/household goods, medications etc.. dating, and soon perhaps ...

Asked: Dress code VS Uniforms...what's the Difference ?

What are your feelings about dress code vs uniforms ? does it really " stifle " a child's self-expression or creativity ? In all sports, uniforms are required, what is that purpose ? and they work as ...

Answered: Is Topless Protest More Effective?

I would assume narcissistic ,exhibitionist's have rights to protest their beliefs ....besides many are not really owing up to their true self, as breast augmentation is so common place these days ...

Asked: Could dress code in Public Schools solve some ...

Where do you stand on uniforms ( dress code) in all Public Schools > Do you feel it will eliminate some of the problems facing the system today ?

Asked: What is your Opinion on Legalized Marijuana ?

What are your feelings and opinions on the legalization of medical Marijuana ? Do you think making it available by prescription only will change policies of healthcare insurance ?

Asked: Read the e-book : Set your Sleep on ...

Has anyone read the E-BOOK: " Set your Sleep on Autopilot? written by eric watermolen....

Asked: " Difficulty Sleeping at night ? "

Has anyone read the e-book... " Set your Sleep on Autopilot " by eric watermolen

Asked: Why did Obama

Why did Obama "nix the pipeline from Canada to Texas ?

Answered: July 9th, 2012..INTERNET VIRUS ????

so why no update from media on the was allover the news..then NOTHING... what if any were the reprecussions???

Asked: July 9th, 2012..INTERNET VIRUS ???? what happened to the "internet virus" that was supposed to happen on July 9,2012 ? Has anyone had problems ?


Morgan says:
"You have a good sense of direction and I enjoy the direction you take yeddians with your questions. Keep it going we need more like you. Lady Darko"
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"Nave a nice 4th of july"
Wrenslady says:
"Fun questions!"
Caitybug says:
"You ask the most interesting and exciting questions. Keep em coming!"
SuzyQ says:
"Thank you! Really enjoy reading your posts! You sound like a very sensible person, and AOL answers could certainly use more of those! Keep em comin."