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Answered: Will you watch the lunar eclipse?

I wish I could, but the eclipse will not "visit" my country (israel).

Answered: Will the meteor shower be seen in North America?

A good answer u will find here:

Answered: Should humans inhabit new planets

U can sleep in tranquility. The distance to the nearest planet (in terms of Quick satellite-tine) is many thousands years. Too much for the ordinary people.

Answered: Which matter made 'space' ?

A very good answer u will find here:

Answered: Why pluto is not included in the count....?

You will find an answer to your q here:

Answered: How long our earth will exist....?

If a big meteorite will not hit us, or a super-vulcano will not erupt, or gama rays from near super-nova will not enter our atmosphere - then we can survive 4.5 bilion years until the SUN will become ...

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