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Answered: Where can i find mica

Hi Mica is a group of monoclinic minerals. micas are prominent rock-forming constituent of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Muscovite = u can find in pegmatites in Ontario' new hampshire and South ...

Answered: Geography

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Answered: Has the Orion spacecraft had any test flights?

First Test Orion Crew Module Shipped Out The Lockheed Martin Orion team at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans inspects the Orion crew module ground test structure prior to shipping ...

Answered: In astronomy, what is a guest star?

A good answer : ) Duba

Answered: Have you ever seen a lunar eclipse?

Yes!! I have seen it few times, including yesterday (I live in Israel !!)

Answered: What's wrong with the space shuttle?

CAPE CANAVERAL -- NASA managers have determined space shuttle Endeavour will not launch before Sunday, May 8, but will not officially set a new launch date until early this week. After Friday’s ...

Answered: I used to get sunburned all the time when I ...


Answered: What does Tyche mean?

A good a: About that Giant Planet Possibly Hiding in the Outer Solar System… by Nancy Atkinson on February 16, 2011 Siding Spring Comet found by the WISE spacecraft. credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech ...

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