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I am dedicated to strengthening relationships and to increase romance in your relationship. One way you can do this yourself is to take a look at our website links that list articles and interesting gifts and have a range of ideas all under one roof.

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Answered: How to promote my Etsy store?

Be sure to register and leave nice comments on other blogs and forums so visitors will know what you are promoting. Romeo

Answered: CHEATING HUSBAND????????

Some view hiding any type of a relationship with another person as cheating. In my opinion, since he can't explain all of the text messages, the indication is strong that he is cheating. If not ...

Answered: Love

Hey, I am promoting an honest online dating site for those who love a variety of options. Stop by and check it out.

Answered: I ve heard there is a place on the inter-net ...

I've never heard of that site. I would think you can find it by searching the web. Also, you can look at other dating sites that offers a similiar service. Good Luck! Romeo

Answered: Bestfriend and your ex? acceptable?

In my opinion, it depends on why this person is an ex. Are they an ex because you just grew apart and an agreement was reach to end the relationship? Or was it a heart-breaking break-up? Knowing the ...

Answered: Anyone know timetogo4it on ?

I am not aware of it. is very popular. Good luck! Try dating online with Online Dating at

Answered: Eharmoney where do I get discounts for e-harmony

I don't know about e-harmony discounts. I am sure you can email their staff and they will help you. If you don't find what you are looking for with them, there are other online dating options out ...

Answered: Torn between 2

Leaving your husband for your best friend leaves you without a best friend if needed. Since you are already married and you are comfortable with your husband, I would not quickly divorce him for a ...

Answered: My man has a baby-mama...we've been together for ...

I will have to totally agree with everything Janissa and Kpopp wrote. Good luck! Romeo

Answered: How can i learn to trust my man even though he ...

Keep good mental notes about what he says. Nicely follow-up sometimes on what he tells you. His trust will be earned in due time if he is being honest with you at all times. Don't forget to create ...


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