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Commented: About Anonymous's answer

You're welcome I guess but I don't get why there's all this arguing about God. I think everybody should decide on their own how much to believe and which part. Plus I don't think it automatically ...

Commented: About ivan's answer

You're welcome. But it's kinda hard not to see it that way, especially after a semester in CR.

Answered: The Bible

I don't get what you mean by your remark. I don't go to church much but we discussed the Bible in my Comparative Religions class and most of us agreed that God didn't actually write it. Instead, men ...

Answered: The Bible

God didn't write the Bible, doofus. He's not the author, he's the protagonist.

Commented: About Shuddupandkissme's answer

If anybody's a "whack job" it's you, Snowskimountain. Or whatever your name is today. Damn, man. Go see a shrink and get some help.

Answered: What is a woman's most interesting part?

Her brain, followed by her eyes and her smile. Age and illness can change her looks pretty quick but with any luck, her brain will still work right for lots of years. I want a woman who can talk to me ...

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

Harley Spit, how many times do I have to tell you guys? I'm not an atheist and it shouldn't matter if I was. There are good and bad people everywhere and their religion isn't how you tell them apart.

Commented: About Melvin Whitcombe's answer

I'm in college and I'm not an atheist. No exploiting, self serving greed or corrupt cult dripping with hate. Why are you so nuts?

Commented: About Melvin Whitcombe's answer

An atheist doesn't believe in the existence of God. That's it, the entire definition of atheist in a nutshell. Blaming all of the world's problems on atheism is crazy.

Commented: About Melvin Whitcombe's answer

My only screen name is Ivan & all I've done is question the way you post about atheists. How is that dripping with hate?

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"Ivan, I like the way you think, and you answer questions honestly and kindly. That means a lot here on aolanswers. I hope you enjoy your time spent here."