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I love tv, I love all the shows, and watch way too much per week (and then listen to them while I work at my computer).

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Asked: Do you like 3D films?

Have you seen the new Harry Potter film? 3D or not 3D? Which do you prefer?

Asked: Are you going on a road trip?

Where would you go, and for how long?

Asked: Do the Marines need the ability to storm ashore?

Do the Marines need the ability to storm ashore on beaches as they did at Inchon and Iwo Jima?

Asked: Do you own a Flip video camera?

Have you been told that the company won't support the technology after a few years, and that the Flip video camera may become obsolete?

Asked: Have you ever eaten white truffle pizza?

Could you find white truffles if you could even afford it? And do you have a good recipe?

Asked: Do you have a summer job?

Have you got a great summer job or are you still looking?

Asked: Has your recycling amounted to more than your ...

Do you put out more garbage each week or more recycling?

Asked: Do you take your children to art galleries?

Do you try to encourage your children to appreciate art through sculpture and pictures in art galleries?



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~Jada~ says:
"Hi Gleek. Thank you for the kind words and welcome to Yedda aka Aol Answers. See ya posting!"