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Dave Palmer. Look up the definition of "Cult". Atheism does not fit the definition of cult. You reference science destroying myths atheists use. What science? What myths? Finally, what "reason" are ...

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Anonymous. I can see that your head has been twisted and fed with worthless foam from the mouth of "god fearing people". All religions are cults. Atheism is not a cult. Look up the definition of the ...

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All I see here is that almost no one knows what an atheist is. Atheists do not "hate god". How can we hate a thing we do not consider to exist? The concept is absurd. Mr Tanner, there are very ...

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I'm straight but I see nothing about being Gay that requires any cure. It is not a pathology. It's a simple sexual preference. It has nothing to do with the moral choices a person makes. It ...

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I doubt that one KKK member is an atheist. They are Christians. None of the many atheists I know are racists. None. Atheists do not burn crosses. You are extremely misinformed, irrational, and angry ...

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Hell is a fantasy place invented by cowards for the contol of idiots. You people are the bigots and I really do not know who the atheists you have actually met are. The atheists I associate with are ...

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It is beyond absurd for a believer to accuse an atheist of "totalitarian supremacy". That is the job that religions and kings and tyrants historically hold. I'm a navy vet. I hold a degree in biology ...

Answered: Coming Soon: Atheist Church?

I see no evidence for a supernatural sentient entity regardless of how anyone's wretched ego craves it.

Asked: There is a girl whose first name is Taylor ...

There is a girl whose first name is Taylor. She has CF and is a MMA student/practitioner. I'm trying to find some profile on her for my grand nephew who has CF.

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