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Answered: What is the Science Accelerator?

The worst impediment to science is atheism. It is an obnoxious cult of ignoramuses who sabotage others' work and find themselves expelled from higher education as disciplinary problems. Atheists ...

Answered: What grade is a 46.6 out of 80 possible points?

Here, if you returned with 46/80 (58%) you would be held back as minimum passing GPA is 65%. That wouldn't even get "progress" in a class here. That happens when you attempt a class that you can't ...

Answered: Is the Cold War Coming Back?

They would be out of their minds to try it. Of course, that doesn't mean they won't. As tight as their finances are, and the shape their military is in, they know that if they did it they'd be a ...

Answered: Do You Want to Be an Astronanaut?

I might go up in an American space vehicle, if I had a good reason to go, but that junk they build in Russia is, well, playing Russian roulette. Sergei Korolev would attest and so would 258 other ...

Answered: What's YOUR Reaction to the Atheist Billboards?

Atheists are known for the dirtiest and most obnoxious games that they can commit. I have seen a lot of you people spouting off how wonderful and intelligent atheists are but it isn't so. Not by a ...

Answered: What is the mantle made of and how thick is it?

Our mantle is about 1,800 miles thick although it bulges at the equator nineteen miles and dips at the poles seven miles. We BELIEVE the mantle is made of the following (but no two geologists agree ...

Answered: Is life the blind leading the blind and are we all ...

There are some real leaders coming on line, all in the Republican camp. These folks know what leadership is and how to get the job done. We gave Obama his chance and look at the wreckage that he ...

Answered: Was Jesus a Jew?

All we need to know about Eversole or any other typical violent Muslim is that he is violent.

Answered: A 5kg object on a string is whirled with ...

A 5kg object on a string is whirled with constant speed in horizontal circle? A 5kg object on a string is whirled with constant speed in horizontal circle. The circular path has a radius of 0.7m and ...

Answered: Where can't I mail a zippo lighter to?

If the Zippo lighter is fueled up, you have to send it by UPS. If it is new and dry, you can mail it anywhere but prison.

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