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Answered: How to set trim tab on 50hp mercury outboard

There is no trim tab on an outboard. What you probably mean is the rudder. If the boat is pulling to the right, adjust the rudder to the left and vice versa.

Answered: My 1980 i/o with 260 mercruiser steers left at all ...

There is a skeg( a small rudder) you can adjust on the bottom of the outdrive. If you're pulling left you want to adjust it to the right.

Answered: Selling

Wow Joe, Your life is certainly interesting. Wouldn't happen to have some arrows to go with that bow now would you?

Answered: What causes mold in boat ac and can it be fixed?

It is very difficult to fix but there is a new device on the market that fits inline on your duct system and used infared light to kill mold and odor. Does it work? Don't know.

Answered: 1974 barcon

From my viewpoint, don't waste your money. Buy the complete rig you want.

Answered: I will be remounting aluminum engine room vents ...

You can put a rubber washer between the screw and vent or dip the screws in something like POR 15 to coat the screw so that dissimilar metals do not touch.

Answered: How much is a 45 foot cruiser yacht boat?

Yacht boat is superfluous. A 45 foot power boat is called a boat and a 45 foot sail boat is called a yacht. By "how much" I assume you mean how many dollars to buy. It will range from "please just ...

Answered: Why did jesus preach from the boat?

Because Mexicans often live by the shore.

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